What We Offer - Postgraduate

  • MECS 704 - Critical Methodology

    This course is the first installment of a year-long research learning process. It aims to give students some understanding of the discipline and of selected debates in it, as well as a means to teach students core research and presentation skills. 
    Offered in:  Semester 1 
    Co-ordinator:  Ms Fiona Jackson


  • MECS 707 - Journalism, Media Theory & Ethics

    This course aims to develop a critical understanding of the ethics of news writing and the news media, and the construction of cultural identity. 
    Offered in:  Semester 1  
    Co-ordinator:  Dr Nicola Jones 
  • MECS 708 - Strategic Corporate Communication

    MECS 708 focuses on strategic corporate communication and the development of communication campaigns, as well as the debates around corporate social responsibility. 
    Offered in:  Semester 2 
    Co-ordinator:  Dr Claire Scott 


  • MECS 709 - Video Production (Will Run Pending Number of Registrations)

    The module introduces the language of video production and technology to students. Emphasis is placed on tools for understanding how video is constructed practically within a broader understanding of theoretical discussions on media. 
    Offered in:  Semester 1 
    Co-ordinator:  Ms Subeshini Moodley

  • MECS 710 - Advanced Video Production (Will Run Pending on Number of Registrations))

    Builds on the skills and understanding already learnt in MECS 709, with emphasis placed on more technical and aesthetic theory, field production and longer works. Students will learn advanced techniques in scripting, audio and post production. The module will further emphasise the constraints of planning and budget in video production.  
    Offered in:  Semester 2 
    Co-ordinator:  Ms Subeshini Moodley

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