Interested in MA & PhD?

  • How do I Apply?

    It is also possible to register for an MA of PhD in Media and Cultural Studies. Both of these are research rather than course-work degrees and students who are interested in registering for either should begin by consulting the Head of the Programme Dr Subeshini Moodley.

    The first goal of such a discussion will be to consider your research interests and decide if they are related to the research areas of staff in Media or the School of Arts generally (a full list of staff members' research fields are available on their profile pages). If we are able to supervise your research, you will usually be offered provisional acceptance which will depend on submitting proof of qualifications.  Once we have received all the necessary documentation you will be allowed to register to use the university's facilities while you prepare your thesis proposal. Once the proposal has been accepted you will be able to begin your degree formally and to continue with your research.

    For more more information on how to register for an MA or PhD degree at UKZN click here.

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